$550 for Design Services, Writeups, & Entrepreneurial Help

8 04 2010
Talk about Prova? We'll be sure to share it with our friends.

Talk about Prova? We'll be sure to share it with our friends.

Prova has gotten some great exposure recently.  Honolulu’s favorite newspaper wrote about how Prova taps graphic talent online.  Young Upstarts wrote an in-depth article on how we’re helping small business owners Crowdsource Advertising Designs.  To make our day even brighter, two new clients posted design projects.  One for a custom logo design, & one for a DVD cover design.  We’re giving $550 for the best designs.  If you’ve got a creative design, head on over to Prova & show these clients what you’ve got.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you might find Entreprecouragement a great resource for getting motivated when it seems like no one else is helping you.

If you would like to write about Prova, interview someone from our team, or mention us, let us know.  We’ll be sure to tweet, share, & tell all our friends about it.


VanSEO design blog giving away $500 in design work

23 08 2009

There’s a great design blog called VanSEO design that talks about all things design related. I’ve been following them for a while & have read lots of useful tips for designing our website. Right now, they’re giving away free custom advertisement designs to a couple of their readers. The design work they’re giving away is a $250 advertisement contest through us at prova.fm. We’d like to thank them for listing this for us. Please take a moment to Digg, del.icio.us, StumbleUpon, or tweet their article to support their generous shoutout. And if you’d like to get a free custom advertisement design by one of prova.fm’s freelance graphic designers, visit http://www.vanseodesign.com/whatever/prova-fm/ for details.

#4 on our list of Top 9 Marketing Methods for Small Business Owners

24 07 2009

Publication Advertising
If you have a specific industry and target market you cater to, then you may still want to look into advertising in industry publications. Print publications are desperate for advertising revenue and can give you a good deal if you advertise for multiple months. Search out trade magazines that your market reads and contact the advertising manager for deals. Sometimes they will provide the design for you as part of the cost. If not, you can get an ad designed quickly at http://www.prova.fm Right now you can get one FREE if you’re one of the next 8 to post a need.

Top 9 Marketing Methods for Small Business Owners #3

16 07 2009

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to get advertising on the web for not a lot of money. That’s because with affiliate advertising you can pay per action completed. So for instance, you sign up with an affiliate network and provide internet ads and materials for affiliate marketers to use to market your website. They go out and drive people to your site. You can structure the deal so that you will only pay those people when a person they send to your site completes some sort of action whether it’s completing a form or purchasing a product. Some of the bigger affiliate networks include Commission Junction at http://www.cj.com and Hydra Network at http://www.hydranetwork.com.

Top 9 Marketing Methods for Small Business Owners

3 07 2009

In today’s economy, the small business owner needs all the help they can get in bringing in new business and keeping the bottom line on the positive side. That’s why we’ve compiled the Top 9 Marketing Methods for small business owners to give you ideas on how to best market your business. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll present these 9 methods that can help you advertise more effectively.

1. Direct Mail. While the direct mail market has been over-abused in the past with the deluge of junk mail flooding the average mail recipient’s mailbox, using direct mail can still be an effective method to market to your customers. A word of advice, don’t go for overly expensive pieces. Remember, half the battle of direct mail is to get your potential customer to open it. Stick to postcards that are easy to read and expose your message to the customer right away. Remember, direct mail needs to have a clear call to action, so include your phone number or website in a clear, prominent location. If you don’t have a designer in-house to design a marketing piece for you, you can always use http://www.prova.fm to pick your price for a professional design. To get cheap, quality printing, look to http://www.gotprint.net or http://www.overnightprints.com.

A question of slow advertising

6 06 2009

I heard from a business owner that converts audio & video media to high quality CDs & DVDs. He says, “We get great repeat business, but it seems as if my advertising isn’t working.”

In response:
It sounds like you have a good product, you just need to present the right message to your audience
1. Where do you get your most profitable customers? Local, online, …?
2. Find out more about them. Are they mostly Male Baby Boomers, Mothers, …?
3. Find out why they came to you. Not because they wanted their media converted, but did they want to save time, restore a cherished memory, backup critical data? Find out what benefit they sought after the most.

Finding out this information can help you create a message that you want to portray to potential customers. Something similar to:
Recreate your family memories, in hi-definition.
Always remember customers buy benefits, not features.

Once you craft your message, test various methods to get it out there. How you answer #1 will help determine that. If it’s local, try direct mail. Test out a few options & make sure you track which works best.


If you don’t want to spend the time designing a creative message, let our freelance advertising design community give it a shot. You pick the price & it’s risk free. As we launch the site, we’ve got great introductory specials.

If you like new products, here’s 1

2 06 2009

If you consider yourself an early adopter of new products, prova advertising has just pre-launched their new site.  Prova aims to be a leading community for businesses in need of professional quality advertisements.  If you can’t make an engaging ad on your own, or can’t afford to hire an agency, prova is the place to go.  Through the use of crowdsourcing, you can launch an advertising contest that will generate dozens of advertising designs, specifically for your need, at a price you set.  You get to pick your finished product instead of picking a designer.  You also get to pick your price.  You can get any type of ad including business cards, logos, radio ads, web sites, postcards, flyers, or even TV ads.  It’s a new concept, so we’re offering the service for FREE to the 1st 50 business customers.  If you have any questions, or would like to get involved in this community as an advertising designer or business customer please let us know.

Start saving time designing advertisements for your business.