7 Tips For Gaining an Edge During a Recession

26 03 2010

According to research, businesses that advertise in a recession usually come out of it ahead of their competitors who cut advertising. It is important to stay visible and not rely solely on your current customer base to make it through the slow times. If there is no money available for advertising, there are many resources to keep your business visible but you must be creative.

  • Design a postcard or brochure with an offer for your business. Distribute at trade shows, networking events, to local convention centers, visitor bureaus, concierges, area businesses, event gift bags, etc.
  • Create a blog and tag stories with key search words
  • Social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. are free and being used by many businesses, small and large
  • Do you have a current commercial already filmed? If so, get it on You Tube, your website and post on your social network profiles
  • Add a sign up button on your website and send specials, events or news to your customers via email
  • Get involved with a non-profit. You will get great press while giving back to the community
  • Read the fine print at the end of newspaper and magazine articles. Writers are always looking for ideas and suggestions for stories. Pitch an idea and you may get free press.

These are just a few ideas of keeping your business in the eye of the consumer in a cost effective manner. Whether you have the funds to advertise in traditional media or not, the key to being successful in marketing your business is to make the time, put a plan in place and execute it effectively.

About the author
Eskimo Advertising is a full service boutique advertising and public relations agency in Atlanta, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina. By combining targeted public relations and advertising with grassroots marketing, promotions and social marketing, businesses receive great exposure in a cost effective manner.For more information or to sign up for all sales and events, please visit www.eskimoadvertising.com or www.eskimoadvertising.wordpress.com.




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