A question of slow advertising

6 06 2009

I heard from a business owner that converts audio & video media to high quality CDs & DVDs. He says, “We get great repeat business, but it seems as if my advertising isn’t working.”

In response:
It sounds like you have a good product, you just need to present the right message to your audience
1. Where do you get your most profitable customers? Local, online, …?
2. Find out more about them. Are they mostly Male Baby Boomers, Mothers, …?
3. Find out why they came to you. Not because they wanted their media converted, but did they want to save time, restore a cherished memory, backup critical data? Find out what benefit they sought after the most.

Finding out this information can help you create a message that you want to portray to potential customers. Something similar to:
Recreate your family memories, in hi-definition.
Always remember customers buy benefits, not features.

Once you craft your message, test various methods to get it out there. How you answer #1 will help determine that. If it’s local, try direct mail. Test out a few options & make sure you track which works best.


If you don’t want to spend the time designing a creative message, let our freelance advertising design community give it a shot. You pick the price & it’s risk free. As we launch the site, we’ve got great introductory specials.




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